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With The Snap Elections Over, Trudeau To Unleash His Next Act Of Imperialist Aggression Towards Nicaragua

With the federal election over, Ottawa will shift its focus to an attack on Nicaragua, and it may consider strengthening its illegal sanctions against the Central American country. Following Washington’s lead, Trudeau’s Global Affairs will portray Nicaragua as a villain in order to acclimate Canadians to the prospect of a hostile policy against Cuba in the future—a decision that Liberal Party officials acknowledge will be a highly unpopular route among Canadians.

Despite growing pressure from the Biden administration to follow suit in Nicaragua, the Canadian government will most certainly exercise prudence, or at the very least fine-tune its public relations effort, before revealing its next act of imperialist aggression. Trudeau’s interventionist foreign policies have grown increasingly controversial in the aftermath of the 2019 coup in Bolivia, which was supported by the governments of the United States and Canada, among others. Chrystia Freeland’s failed ‘Lima Group’ was probably even more embarrassing for Ottawa, receiving widespread criticism following its failed attempts to destabilize Venezuela’s elected government.

Evidence of Trudeau’s administration’s strategy surfaced just two days after the Canadian federal election when Canada took part in a virtual event with the US-aligned Nicaraguan opposition figure, Carlos Fernando Chamorro, and the US State Department’s Brian A. Nichols. José Miguel Vivanco, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch’s Americas Division, who has utilized the lucrative ‘human rights’ sector to advance US interventionist policies, also attended the event.

The event on September 22nd resulted in a joint declaration issued by Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, France, the United States, and the United Kingdom, alleging a lack of conditions for free and fair elections in Nicaragua and calling into question the “validity and legitimacy of the November elections.” The statement goes on to push a remarkably identical narrative to that which was directed against Venezuela from the time of the efforts to destabilize President Nicolas Maduro’s administration in 2014 to now, under the guise of promoting democracy. The joint statement calls on the “international community to promote the observation of Nicaragua’s electoral process.”

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