According to fresh documents unearthed by investigative media outlet Open Democracy, the Tory Party has welcomed upwards of £50,000 from oligarchs with close ties to the Kremlin from the time of Russia’s brutal assault on Ukraine. Lubov Chernukhin, who is wedded to Vladimir Putin’s erstwhile deputy minister of finance, contributed £50,000. As per news stories, her spouse, Vladimir Chernukhin, conducted work with wealthy elites who are presently subjected to UK sanctions and generated more than £42 million annually.

Her payment to the Conservative Party happened on March 4, merely a few days following the illegal entry of Russian forces into Ukraine, and almost 24 hours after Boris Johnson threatened to “starve Putin’s military machine” with tougher measures. Chernukhin has given well over £2.2 million to the Tory Party and its MPs starting in 2012. As per Electoral Commission records, the Conservatives have taken over £30,000 from Aquind Limited from the beginning of 2022, notably £12,500 in March.

Viktor Fedotov, a Russian-born petroleum mogul, and Alexander Temerko, a Ukrainian-born erstwhile senior executive of Russian energy behemoth Yukos, are co-owners of Aquind. Temerko has given the Tories £730,000 beginning in 2011 and has been identified in media reports as a longtime pal of Johnson. In January of this year, the administration canceled Aquind’s contentious initiative to construct a 2,000-megawatt electricity connection spanning England and France.

According to the authorities, the Aquind project was terminated because alternate routes had not been adequately explored. The Tories “should be embarrassed,” said Labour MP Chris Bryant, who leads the Standards and Privileges Committees. He went on to say that British lawmakers were portraying themselves as “craven, selfish, and powerless” to the rest of the globe.

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