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Thousands Of People Gather In El Salvador To Protest Against Right-Wing Neoliberal ‘Dictator’ Bukele’s Unpopular Policies

On Sunday, thousands of Salvadorans came to the streets to protest President Nayib Bukele, who has made bitcoin legal money, fired over-60-year-old judges, and refused to turn over military papers for war crimes trials. Demonstrators on Sunday included feminist groups, human rights organizations, environmentalists, and opposition political party members.

“Bukele consistently disregards the rule of law and plunges Salvadorans into poverty with these unpopular measures,” said Eugenio Chicas, a Central American Parliament lawmaker. Protesters chanted phrases and held placards that said, among other things, “Bitcoin is a fraud,” “No to dictatorship,” “Democracy is not up for negotiation, it is defended,” and “Enough authoritarianism.”

Protesters marched from Cuscatlan Park to downtown San Salvador’s Gerardo Barrios Square. Maria Hernandez, a humanitarian group, condemned the Army and Civil Police for blocking the entrance to the capital city to prevent additional residents from joining the peaceful march. “We set up checkpoints at the capital’s entrances to intercept citizens carrying weapons or fleeing justice,” the National Civil Police and the Army stated.

Bukele and pro-government politicians attempted to minimize the demonstration on Twitter, which is practically his administration’s only official source of information. “The march is a flop, and they are well aware of it. Nobody believes them anymore in this country,” said Bukele.

Mr. Bukele renamed himself on Twitter as “the world’s coolest dictator” in August and has repeatedly ridiculed those who resist his reign. Salvadorans have organized four protests against Bukele since September 15 who, according to a poll done by the Central American University (LUDOP) Public Opinion Institute, received a 7.64 on a scale of 0 to 10. “This is the lowest president-approval grade recorded in the various measurements taken by our institute since Bukele took office on June 1, 2019,” as per the LUDOP.

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