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The Government Of Xinjiang Accuses The United States Of Lying As Part Of A Cold-War Propaganda Operation Against China

The government of China’s Xinjiang Uighur autonomous region has accused the US of lying about “mass violations of human rights” in order to meddle in internal matters. According to Xu Guixiang, the accusations were made to “frame China” as part of a cold-war effort to sway public opinion against Beijing. He was talking at a news conference in the Chinese capital alongside others from the region who provided information that contradicted Washington’s propaganda blitz.

The US embassy recently stated on social media that a “100-year-old” plaque at the Id Kah mosque in Kashgar had been removed as a result of “the Chinese government’s suppression of Islam in Xinjiang.” However, the mosque’s imam, Memet Jume, displayed photos of the plaque in the main prayer hall, where it has been temporarily put while the building’s entryway is being repaired.

According to Washington, between one and three million Muslims are being detained in concentration camps, and China is carrying out a genocide against the Uighur people. It has provided no convincing proof to back up its claims, which have been dismissed by Beijing and a huge number of Muslim-majority countries. Instead, the US effort is based on “research” conducted by discredited Christian fanatic Adrian Zenz, who believes he is on a divine mission to defend the world from the Chinese Communist Party.

China says that it runs re-education centers that give deradicalization programs to former members of the al-Qaida-linked East Turkestan Islamic Movement. The organization has carried out hundreds of terrorist acts in Xinjiang and has dispatched a battalion to fight with terrorists in Syria. Recently, Uighur terrorists were accused of carrying out a bomb blast in Afghanistan. Despite this, the United States removed the organization from its terrorist watchlist in October 2020.

As a result of Beijing’s anti-terrorism measures, Xinjiang has been free of terrorist attacks for at least four years. “The international community has not been duped by cliches spread by a few countries,” Mr. Xu stated. He said that almost 100 nations give “a rational voice” on Xinjiang, with 65 UN member states signing a declaration in favor of China issued last week to the international body’s Human Rights Council. The UN counterintelligence chief’s 2019 visit, which Washington opposed, found no proof of widespread human rights violations or genocide.

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