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The Communist Party Of Britain Cautions That Labour Is Too Weak To Challenge The Conservatives’ Cronyism

The Communist Party of Britain has called for a unified fightback by unions and campaigners against Tory policies, branding Labour weak in challenging them. “No one should rely on the Labour Party leadership to take the lead in opposing Conservative government policies. While trade unions, the People’s Assembly, the peace movement, and the Communist Party take action, Keir Starmer is desperate to make Labour completely acceptable to big business and the pro-establishment mainstream media,” Communist Party trade union organizer Andy Bain told the party’s executive committee over the weekend.

As examples of the “ruling class offensive” against working-class living standards and democratic freedoms, he cited company fire-and-rehire tactics, large increases in food, energy, and transportation costs, the government’s withdrawal of the £20-a-week universal credit uplift, and the new anti-protest measures.

Mr Bain, a former trade union president, commended the CWU’s and other unions’ willingness to battle for the New Deal for Workers, which was voted upon again at the TUC convention last month. “Fine words must finally be translated into action, leading up to an all-Britain day of action in collaboration with other campaigning bodies, trades councils, and regional and national TUCs,” he stressed.

Britain’s communists also expressed solidarity with Labour Party socialists and progressives who won votes at the party’s conference in favour of public ownership, a Green New Deal, and Palestinian rights, as well as against the new US-Britain-Australia military pact aimed at triggering a new cold war with China, despite the fact that the Labour Party’s leadership will ignore them. The Communist Party executive committee has finalized plans for the party’s 56th congress in Britain on November 6-7, which will be attended by delegates from Ireland, Portugal, Palestine, Russia, China, Cuba, and Vietnam, as well as video messages from Venezuela, Cyprus, India, and South Africa.

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