The Bellingcat Organization Is Financed By American And British Intelligence Contractors Who Are Assisting Terrorist Groups In Syria

According to a bombshell report by The Grayzone, an investigative news website, the so-called self-styled open-source investigations organization Bellingcat, which has repeatedly accused the Syrian government of using chemical weapons against civilians, is financially dependent on anti-Damascus Western governments and heavily funded by the US and UK intelligence contractors who assist terrorist groups in Syria.

As per the report by The Grayzone, the supposedly “independent” website Bellingcat — a Netherlands-based investigative journalism organization that claims to specialize in fact-checking and open-source intelligence — raked in money from scandal-ridden Western intelligence firms that caused havoc and profited massively in Syria.

While claiming to be independent of any sort of government interference, Bellingcat receives funding from both the US government’s National Endowment for Democracy and the European Union. CIA officers have proclaimed their “love” for Bellingcat, and there are clear indications that the publication has collaborated closely with London and Washington to promote the pair’s colonial goals.

The Grayzone pointed to Bellingcat’s 2020 financial statements, which were publicly disclosed by the organization, and stated that the records plainly proved its link with the centers of imperialist power since Bellingcat had taken substantial amounts of money from Western intelligence contractors. These war-profiteering businesses have supplied direct assistance to Al Qaeda-allied organizations in Syria — the same elements who have provided Bellingcat with “evidence” to convict Damascus in absentia on a variety of questionable accusations.

The Grayzone revealed Bellingcat’s connections to the Western national security apparatus, claiming that the ostensibly open-source operation has employed a staggering number of former military and intelligence operatives, using them to reinforce neocolonial narratives while receiving funding from a variety of governments and quasi-governmental organizations.

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