United States’ And Ukraine’s Pro-Nazi Position Exposed At The United Nations General Assembly After Becoming The Only Two Countries To Vote Against Resolution Condemning Nazism

Russia had recently co-sponsored a resolution denouncing Nazism, neo-Nazism, and all forms of bigotry at the United Nations General Assembly. The United States and Ukraine voted no, while about 49 nations, mostly US allies, abstained from voting. According to the Russian permanent mission to the United Nations, the resolution on “tackling celebration of Nazism, neo-Nazism, and other activities” that contribute to racism, xenophobia, and intolerance was accepted with 130 votes in favor on Thursday. In the past few years, Russia has put forward the proposal yearly, and the United States and Ukraine have regularly opposed it.

AMLO, Mexico’s Left-Wing President, Proposes An Ambitious Global Poverty-Reduction Plan At The United Nations That Will Be Funded By Rich Countries, Corporations, And Individuals

At the United Nations, Mexico’s left-wing President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) unveiled an ambitious worldwide poverty-relief plan, warning that global inequality has reached such proportions that the world is now falling from “civilization to barbarism.” Mr. Lopez Obrador stated that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the huge power and economic disparity between the wealthy and the rest of the population. Only 6% of all vaccine doses distributed so far have gone to the World Health Organization’s Covax distribution program, he strongly emphasized, with the remaining 94% sold to the public by pharmaceutical companies.

UN Experts Slam Israel For Continued Illegal Settlement Programme, Say That They Trample On Human Rights And Could Easily Be Constituted As “War Crimes”

Israel’s illegal settlement activity is “the heart of the occupation” of Palestine, according to UN experts, who labelled Tel Aviv’s ongoing acts a “war crime.” Special rapporteurs Michael Lynk and Balakrishnan Rajagopal published a statement on Palestinian human rights in the occupied territories, condemning Tel Aviv’s plans to build thousands of additional settler units in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. “The UN has repeatedly emphasised that Israeli settlements in the occupied land are a flagrant violation of international law, and it has demanded that Israel halt settlement development and dismantle its settlements,” they said in a recent statement.

China And Russia Urge The UN Security Council To Remove Draconian Sanctions On North Korea For The Betterment Of The Civilian Population

China and Russia have reintroduced a previous resolution requesting the UN Security Council to remove draconian sanctions on North Korean exports in order to “improve the civilian population’s livelihood” in the East Asian country. The two nations had originally proposed the resolution back in December of 2019, requesting the removal of sanctions that were not directly connected to the country’s nuclear program. Last year, the two regional powers had two informal rounds of negotiations on the resolution in question, but never officially put it to a vote.

In An Open Letter To The United Nations, Indigenous And Civil Society Organizations In Nicaragua Warn Against Political Manipulation By US-Financed NGOs

Nicaraguan indigenous and civil society organizations have sent an open letter to the United Nations warning against political manipulation by US-financed non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in order to destabilize the country’s democratically elected government. The Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign is one of over 30 worldwide religious groups and organizations that signed the letter, which was delivered to the United Nations Human Rights Council and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

China Blasts The US And Asserts Taiwan Has No Right To Join The UN After Blinken Expresses Sadness About Taipei’s Absence From The International Organization

After US Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated that Taiwan’s admission to the UN would be pragmatic, Beijing responded by stating that Taiwan should not be allowed to join the organization since the island is part of China. Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office in Beijing, told reporters on Wednesday that the UN was an international governmental body composed of sovereign nations — and Taiwan was not one of them. “Taiwan is a part of China and has no right to join the UN,” Ma stressed.

The United Nations Has Found Steven Donziger’s House Arrest To Be In Violation Of International Law

The world’s leading human rights legal entity has recently given Steven Donziger, the attorney who won a historic multibillion-dollar case against an oil corporation over pollution in Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest, critical backing. The decision was issued on the eve of his sentencing in a criminal trial.