US-Based Capitalist Media Outlets Launch A Vicious Propaganda Campaign Against Russia As America Is Revealed To Have Been Training Ukrainian Forces As Part Of An Armed Insurgency

As per ex-intelligence and national security officials, the CIA is training Ukrainian special forces and intelligence officers in anticipation of a possible violent rebellion as the US-based capitalist media outlets have launched quite a vicious propaganda campaign against Russia. According to the insiders, the classified operation is situated in an unknown location in the southern United States. It’s controlled by paramilitary groups from the CIA’s tactical section, which is a component of the agency’s special operations branch, and it might be essential if events on Ukraine’s eastern border escalate. “The US is training insurgents,” a former CIA official alleged, stressing that Ukrainians were instructed how to “murder Russians.”

United States’ And Ukraine’s Pro-Nazi Position Exposed At The United Nations General Assembly After Becoming The Only Two Countries To Vote Against Resolution Condemning Nazism

Russia had recently co-sponsored a resolution denouncing Nazism, neo-Nazism, and all forms of bigotry at the United Nations General Assembly. The United States and Ukraine voted no, while about 49 nations, mostly US allies, abstained from voting. According to the Russian permanent mission to the United Nations, the resolution on “tackling celebration of Nazism, neo-Nazism, and other activities” that contribute to racism, xenophobia, and intolerance was accepted with 130 votes in favor on Thursday. In the past few years, Russia has put forward the proposal yearly, and the United States and Ukraine have regularly opposed it.

The Notorious Neo-Nazi Organization ‘Centuria’ Is Said To Have Attacked A Bar In Ukraine’s Capital Kyiv That Is Popular Among The Country’s LGBT+ Community

A gang of masked vandals, suspected to be neo-Nazis, viciously damaged the windows and demolished outdoor seating in a Kyiv pub popular among members of the country’s LGBT+ community. Late on Friday, the HLVL bar, which is located in the heart of Ukraine’s capital, was attacked. Around 20 masked guys descended on the location, some wielding telescopic batons as well as pepper spray. Video surveillance from the incident is circulating on the internet, showing the perpetrators fighting with two bouncers and pepper-spraying one other. After being heavily outmanned, the security crew withdrew within the bar, leaving the outside dining area at the mercy of the assailants.

Far-Right Militants In Ukraine Boasted About Receiving Training From The Forces Of NATO Nations

Far-right radicals in Ukraine’s military have boasted about receiving training from the Canadian Forces and several other NATO nations, according to a new research from an American university. The research, conducted by an institute at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., followed the far-right group Centuria’s social media pages, documenting its Ukrainian military members performing Nazi salutes, advocating white nationalism, and glorifying members of Nazi SS units.