A New Report From Sweden-Based V-Dem Institute Reveals How The United States Along With Its Right-Wing Allied Countries Are Causing Major Harm To Democracy Across The Globe

According to new research, recent domestic attacks on democracy and human rights by the US and many of its allies—which often position themselves as exporters of such principles—are fueling a global deterioration of democracy. The New York Times examined a report released this year by V-Dem, a Sweden-based independent research institute that gathers information on democracy and autocratic governments across the globe, which found that the US and several of its right-wing allied countries have shifted significantly away from operating as democracies in past few decades, with attacks on voting rights, judicial independence, and media rights among the variables causing this deterioration.

Kurdish Dissidents Are Fearful Of Assassination Amid Allegations Of A Turkish European Death Squad Stationed In Paris

Kurdish dissidents today accused Ankara of using Turkish death squads to track them down throughout Europe. A Berlin-based journalist who goes under the name of Mustafa believes Ankara and international intelligence services are working together. “We know Erdogan has ordered assassinations and the silence of opposition voices, but they must be cooperating with the authorities here. This shadow war against Kurds means that we are not secure anywhere and must constantly look over our shoulders,” he explained.