A New Poll Reveals That The Majority Of UK Voters Are Concerned That The Conservatives’ Increasing Privatization Of The Healthcare Sector Would Seriously Harm The NHS

According to a new poll, voters in the United Kingdom are concerned that the Conservatives’ increasing privatization of the healthcare industry would result in the NHS’s quality deteriorating and hospitals losing money. As per a recent Open Democracy poll, almost three-quarters of British citizens would be worried if the amount of NHS healthcare delivered by private corporations increased.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Vehemently Opposes The United Kingdom’s Right-Wing Tory Government’s Move To Classify Hamas, The Palestinian Resistance Movement, As A “Terrorist” Organization

The Iranian foreign minister has strongly slammed the UK’s right-wing Tory government’s move to classify Palestine’s historic resistance movement Hamas as a “terrorist organization,” emphasizing that the Palestinian nation’s rights cannot be infringed on by falsifying facts. “We strongly reject the United Kingdom’s decision to designate HAMAS as a terrorist organization. The rights of Palestinians cannot be violated by falsifying facts. The only political answer for Palestine is to organize a referendum among all indigenous citizens,” Hossein Amir-Abdollahian stated in a message posted on his official Twitter account on Friday night.

Brutal Austerity Policies Of The Tories Led To The Extra Deaths Of More Than 50,000 Over A Period Of Five Years

According to the biggest research of its type, the Conservative government’s brutal austerity cuts to the NHS, public health, and social care have killed tens of thousands of more people in England than anticipated. Researchers who examined the combined impact of healthcare, public health, and social care cuts since 2010 discovered that even in the four years after the cuts, there were 57,550 more fatalities than would have been predicted. The findings, which were far worse than initially imagined, were published in the journal BMJ Open.

The British Government Is Launching A Brand New Public Relations Campaign To Whitewash Its Image In Colombia

According to Declassified UK, the British embassy in Bogotá is funding a new public relations effort to “improve perceptions” of the UK in Colombia. The initiative is being launched at a time when the United Kingdom is backing Colombia’s oppressive security forces. According to Foreign Office papers obtained by Declassified, the UK embassy spent £6,000 in 2019-20 on a “perception analysis of the UK’s soft power in Colombia” that assisted in “identifying future interests to combine in public messaging and social media.”

Oil And Gas Companies Have Donated More Than £1 Million To Boris Johnson’s Conservatives

According to a recent revelation by the investigative news website Open Democracy, the Conservative Party has taken over a million pounds in contributions from the energy sector since the previous election. Donors include oil companies with interests in the North Sea and an electric cable firm controlled by a Russian businessman close to Boris Johnson. The findings came ahead of the party’s annual conference, which begins on Sunday and where a slew of oil and energy companies have purchased advertising spots.

Protests In The United Kingdom Over Tories’ Far-Right Authoritarian Police Bill Continue

Progressive groups in the United Kingdom remain outspoken in their opposition to the contentious Police, Crime, Sentencing, and Courts Bill planned by the country’s Boris Johnson-led Conservative Party administration. On September 29, Wednesday, a protest gathering was planned at the Old Bailey in London, under the direction of Sisters Uncut, during the hearings for the sentencing of Wayne Couzens, the police officer convicted guilty of Sarah Everard’s murder. On September 30, the court ordered Wayne Couzens to life in prison without the possibility of release.