Daniel Ortega’s Socialist Sandinista Government Set To Retain Power In General Elections Despite Washington’s Sadist Efforts To Thwart Democracy In The Country

With incumbent President Daniel Ortega’s socialist Sandinista administration expected to maintain power in Nicaragua following Sunday’s general elections, Washington’s sadist efforts to undermine democracy and install a pro-western hack have failed spectacularly. The polls ended at about 6 p.m., with Ortega, the Americas’ longest-serving leader with 15 years in power, hailing the result as a victory over terrorism achieved by an “immense majority of Nicaraguans.”

Media Organizations Aligned With The Socialist Sandinista Government Accuse Facebook Of Brazenly Censoring Them Before The Country’s Elections

Recently, media outlets and prominent supporters of Nicaragua’s Sandinista government accused Facebook of brazen censorship after dozens of accounts were disabled only one week before the country’s election. The social media behemoth, which also owns Instagram, had deactivated accounts belonging to a number of progressive journalists, as well as profiles belonging to important Sandinista news sites such as Redvolucion and Barricada.

In An Open Letter To The United Nations, Indigenous And Civil Society Organizations In Nicaragua Warn Against Political Manipulation By US-Financed NGOs

Nicaraguan indigenous and civil society organizations have sent an open letter to the United Nations warning against political manipulation by US-financed non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in order to destabilize the country’s democratically elected government. The Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign is one of over 30 worldwide religious groups and organizations that signed the letter, which was delivered to the United Nations Human Rights Council and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

With The Snap Elections Over, Trudeau To Unleash His Next Act Of Imperialist Aggression Towards Nicaragua

With the federal election over, Ottawa will shift its focus to an attack on Nicaragua, and it may consider strengthening its illegal sanctions against the Central American country. Following Washington’s lead, Trudeau’s Global Affairs will portray Nicaragua as a villain in order to acclimate Canadians to the prospect of a hostile policy against Cuba in the future—a decision that Liberal Party officials acknowledge will be a highly unpopular route among Canadians.