The Notorious Neo-Nazi Organization ‘Centuria’ Is Said To Have Attacked A Bar In Ukraine’s Capital Kyiv That Is Popular Among The Country’s LGBT+ Community

A gang of masked vandals, suspected to be neo-Nazis, viciously damaged the windows and demolished outdoor seating in a Kyiv pub popular among members of the country’s LGBT+ community. Late on Friday, the HLVL bar, which is located in the heart of Ukraine’s capital, was attacked. Around 20 masked guys descended on the location, some wielding telescopic batons as well as pepper spray. Video surveillance from the incident is circulating on the internet, showing the perpetrators fighting with two bouncers and pepper-spraying one other. After being heavily outmanned, the security crew withdrew within the bar, leaving the outside dining area at the mercy of the assailants.

Anti-Fascists And Left-Wing Activists Protest In Berlin Against 10 Years Of Inaction By Germany’s Establishment In Holding Accountable The NSU Neo-Nazi Terrorist Group

On the tenth anniversary of the unmasking of the neo-Nazi terrorist organization National Socialist Underground (NSU), hundreds of anti-fascists and left-wing activists marched in Berlin on Thursday, November 4, to denounce the rise in right-wing attacks in the country and the German establishment’s complicity in such crimes. Several organizations, including DEMOB, ISD-Berlin, AZE, and the Berlin Committee of the Union of Persecutees of the Nazi Regime (VVN-BDA), issued a call to mobilize. The notorious NSU neo-Nazi underground network was discovered in November 2011 and was linked to a number of killings (approximately ten persons, usually from migrant origins), explosions, and robberies.