The Notorious Neo-Nazi Organization ‘Centuria’ Is Said To Have Attacked A Bar In Ukraine’s Capital Kyiv That Is Popular Among The Country’s LGBT+ Community

A gang of masked vandals, suspected to be neo-Nazis, viciously damaged the windows and demolished outdoor seating in a Kyiv pub popular among members of the country’s LGBT+ community. Late on Friday, the HLVL bar, which is located in the heart of Ukraine’s capital, was attacked. Around 20 masked guys descended on the location, some wielding telescopic batons as well as pepper spray. Video surveillance from the incident is circulating on the internet, showing the perpetrators fighting with two bouncers and pepper-spraying one other. After being heavily outmanned, the security crew withdrew within the bar, leaving the outside dining area at the mercy of the assailants.

Transgender Rights Activists Applaud China For Establishing The Country’s First Clinic For Transgender Children And Adolescents In Shanghai

Transgender rights activists are applauding China for establishing the country’s first clinic for transgender children and adolescents in Shanghai. The Children’s Hospital of Fudan University in Shanghai has opened China’s first multidisciplinary clinic for transgender children and adolescents to securely and healthily manage transgender kids’ transition. Experts anticipate that the clinic, which will be integrated with departments such as psychology, endocrine and genetic metabolic, and urology, among others, will act as a bridge between transgender children, parents, physicians, and other spheres of society.

Poland Is Threatening To Outlaw LGBT+ Pride Parades With A Vicious Legislation That Is Fundamentally Discriminatory

In Poland, homophobia is growing as politicians explore outlawing LGBT+ Pride parades, same-sex marriage, and the simple “promotion” of gay relationships. On Thursday (October 28), MPs convened in the Parliament to discuss the vicious “Stop LGBT” proposal, a citizen’s legislative initiative sponsored by conservative activists.