Immensely Popular Brazilian Socialist Politician Lula Da Silva Embarking On A Four-Country Trip Of Europe To Improve Relations With European Leftists

Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva, Brazil’s former president and immensely popular socialist politician, will embark on a four-country trip of Europe on Thursday. In order to develop long-term relations with European leftists, he will engage with influential political and social figures. Da Silva will speak about the global situation and Latin American current events in Germany, Belgium, France, and Spain. In Berlin, he will meet with Martin Schulz, the former head of the German Social Democratic Party (SDP), the winning political party in the recent elections. As per reports by the local media, Lula had past contact with Schulz, who was also the former president of the European Parliament, and he had visited him in prison in Brazil back in 2018.

The WHO Warns That Europe Is The Only Region Where COVID Infections And Fatalities Are Increasing Exponentially As It Remerges As The Epicentre Of The Pandemic

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Europe is now the only region where COVID infections and fatalities are increasing exponentially as it remerges as the epicentre of the pandemic. Infections increased by 7% and fatalities increased by 10% in the WHO European area (which includes Turkey and former Soviet Union nations, including those in Asia). Globally, the number of infections climbed by 1%, with Europe accounting for two-thirds of all new cases, while mortality decreased by 4%. The United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Turkey, and Germany were the five nations with the most new cases.

China Slams The EU As European Legislators Unanimously Support A Resolution To Strengthen Relations With Taiwan

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has slammed the European Union after the bloc’s lawmakers unanimously voted in favor of strengthening ties with Taiwan and beginning negotiations on an investment agreement with the island. Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry, reaffirmed Beijing’s opposition to any foreign interference in Taiwan, which China regards as an essential component of Chinese sovereignty, on Thursday.

The European Union Has Unveiled A Dangerous Plan To Silence Anyone Who Dares To Criticize Israel

Pretending to combat anti-Semitism, EU authorities this week unveiled a plan to restrict displays of sympathy with Palestinians. The plan’s anti-Semitism strategy, as it was dubbed, soon gained support from pro-Israel lobbying groups. That was unsurprising for one simple reason: the same lobbying organizations heavily affected the plan’s substance. The proposal was ostensibly the responsibility of the European Commission, the EU’s executive.