Experts Argue That Criticizing China And India For Rephrasing Coal Deal At COP26 Is Unreasonable And That Sufficient Financing Is Required For A Smooth Energy Transition

Climate experts argued Western nations did not play fairly when they chastised China and India for modifying the terms of a coal pledge at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, adding that many developing nations are still lacking adequate energy supplies. To close the gap, wealthier countries must contribute to the financing of poor countries’ energy transitions. China and India were strongly condemned in the Western media for reneging on their coal commitment. At COP26, the coal pledge was amended from “phase out” to “phase down” in a last-minute adjustment.

Bolivia’s Socialist President, Luis Arce, Cautions That Genuine Responses To The Climate Change Emergency Would Necessitate A Shift Away From Capitalism

During Monday’s sessions of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, while rich country leaders pushed what critics dubbed “false capitalist fixes” to the climate crisis, Bolivia’s socialist president, Luis Arce, cautioned that genuine responses to the climate change emergency would necessitate a shift away from capitalism to an “alternative model” that focuses on living “together in harmony with Mother Earth.”

China’s Xi Jinping Calls For Meaningful Climate Change Measures As World Leaders Gather In Glasgow For The Much-Anticipated COP26 Summit

As world leaders gather in Glasgow for the much-anticipated COP26 summit, Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday urged the international community to take meaningful measures to solve climate change and energy concerns. Xi made the statements while speaking via a video call to the 16th G20 Leaders’ Summit in Rome. Climate change and energy difficulties are today’s significant international challenges, affecting the global community’s common interests as well as the future of the Earth, according to Xi. The international community’s readiness and drive to collaborate to address difficulties has increased, he added, and the key is to take tangible steps.

Leaked Files Indicate That Certain Nations Are Pressing The UN To Soften Its Approach To The Climate Issue Ahead Of COP26 Summit

According to a large leak of data, several of the world’s worst polluting countries are seeking to water down a historic UN climate study. More than 30,000 documents obtained by Greenpeace UK’s investigative journalism section, Unearthed, show that Australia, Saudi Arabia, and India were among the countries that urged a panel of scientists to delete crucial words or downplay the need to transition away from fossil fuels.

Ahead Of The Cop26 In Glasgow, The Campaign For Socialism Group Advocates That Green Politics Be Anti-Capitalist

Socialists in Scotland have stated that green politics must be anti-capitalist, and that they do not trust the Conservatives or other political leaders attending Cop26 to address the environmental issue. The Campaign for Socialism (CfS) has laid out its case ahead of next month’s global climate conference in Glasgow, calling for Labour to support an anti-capitalist response to the environmental catastrophe.

Oil And Gas Companies Have Donated More Than £1 Million To Boris Johnson’s Conservatives

According to a recent revelation by the investigative news website Open Democracy, the Conservative Party has taken over a million pounds in contributions from the energy sector since the previous election. Donors include oil companies with interests in the North Sea and an electric cable firm controlled by a Russian businessman close to Boris Johnson. The findings came ahead of the party’s annual conference, which begins on Sunday and where a slew of oil and energy companies have purchased advertising spots.