Iran’s Foreign Ministry Vehemently Opposes The United Kingdom’s Right-Wing Tory Government’s Move To Classify Hamas, The Palestinian Resistance Movement, As A “Terrorist” Organization

The Iranian foreign minister has strongly slammed the UK’s right-wing Tory government’s move to classify Palestine’s historic resistance movement Hamas as a “terrorist organization,” emphasizing that the Palestinian nation’s rights cannot be infringed on by falsifying facts. “We strongly reject the United Kingdom’s decision to designate HAMAS as a terrorist organization. The rights of Palestinians cannot be violated by falsifying facts. The only political answer for Palestine is to organize a referendum among all indigenous citizens,” Hossein Amir-Abdollahian stated in a message posted on his official Twitter account on Friday night.

With The Intention Of Blackmailing Palestinians, The Israeli Military Bugs All Mobile Devices Brought Into Gaza And Regularly Monitors Mobile Networks In The Region

According to a recent report by the Middle East Eye, the Israeli military has bugged all of the mobile devices brought into Gaza and is actively monitoring mobile networks functioning in the occupied areas in order to locate “pressure points” that could be utilized to blackmail Palestinians whenever necessary. Hundreds of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) personnel are listening in on phone calls in the West Bank and Gaza at all times, as per a former member of the IDF’s ‘Unit 8200’ signals intelligence corps. All of the mobile devices that are imported into Gaza through the southern Kerem Shalom crossing, according to the unnamed corpsman, are infected with Israeli spyware. Similarly, anyone using the only two active cell networks in the occupied territories — Jawwal and Wataniya – appears to be under monitoring.

Israeli Spyware Pegasus Found On The Mobile Devices Of Noted Palestinian Activists As Its Maker NSO Group Gets Condemned By International Community For Shady Practices

Security experts discovered spyware from the Israeli hacker-for-hire organization NSO Group on the mobile devices of six noted Palestinian human rights activists today. Frontline Defenders, an Irish non-profit organization, discovered the first documented case of Palestinian activists being targeted by the military-grade Pegasus malware. Since 2015, the malware has been deployed against tens of thousands of journalists, human rights activists, and political people throughout the world, according to a report released earlier this year.

UN Experts Slam Israel For Continued Illegal Settlement Programme, Say That They Trample On Human Rights And Could Easily Be Constituted As “War Crimes”

Israel’s illegal settlement activity is “the heart of the occupation” of Palestine, according to UN experts, who labelled Tel Aviv’s ongoing acts a “war crime.” Special rapporteurs Michael Lynk and Balakrishnan Rajagopal published a statement on Palestinian human rights in the occupied territories, condemning Tel Aviv’s plans to build thousands of additional settler units in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. “The UN has repeatedly emphasised that Israeli settlements in the occupied land are a flagrant violation of international law, and it has demanded that Israel halt settlement development and dismantle its settlements,” they said in a recent statement.

Israel Strongly Rebuked For Labeling Renowned Palestinian Human Rights Organizations As ‘Terrorist Organizations’

Israel has been strongly rebuked for labeling six renowned Palestinian human rights organizations as ‘terrorist organizations,’ claiming they have covert ties to a militant force. The majority of the organizations investigate alleged human rights abuses committed by Israel as well as the Palestinian Authority. Al-Haq, a human rights organization formed way back in 1979, is one of the six. The others are Addameer, Defence for Children International – Palestine, the Bisan Center for Research and Development, the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees, and the Union of Agricultural Work Committees.

The Assassination Of An Ex-Syrian MP By Israel, As Per Hamas, Will Not Put An End To Resistance In The Golan Heights

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has denounced the assassination of former Syrian legislator Midhat Saleh al-Saleh in the occupied Golan Heights, emphasizing that his death will not dissuade residents’ resistance and unequivocal rejection of the Israeli regime’s policies.

Israel Heinously Used Two Passenger Aircrafts As Human Shield During Missile Attacks On Syria

According to a Russian general, Israel has once again utilized civilian aircraft as a cover against Syrian air defense systems during its strikes on the Arab country. “On October 13, from 23:35 to 23:39, four Israeli Air Force F-16 tactical fighters entered Syrian airspace in the US-occupied al-Tanf zone in Homs Province and struck a phosphate ore processing plant in the Palmyra region,” Rear Admiral Vadim Kulit, deputy head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties in Syria, said at a press conference.

‘Normal People’ Author Sally Rooney Rightly Rejects Hebrew Translation Request By Publisher With Close Ties To Apartheid Israel’s Defense Ministry

Due to her support for the cultural boycott of Israel, bestselling Irish author Sally Rooney has declined an offer from an Israeli publisher to translate her newest work. Rooney turned down Modan Publishing House’s request for a Hebrew translation of Beautiful World, Where Are You?, according to Haaretz. As per the Israeli publication, Rooney’s agency confirmed the decision. The 30-year-old novelist issued a statement on Tuesday explaining her choice.

The European Union Has Unveiled A Dangerous Plan To Silence Anyone Who Dares To Criticize Israel

Pretending to combat anti-Semitism, EU authorities this week unveiled a plan to restrict displays of sympathy with Palestinians. The plan’s anti-Semitism strategy, as it was dubbed, soon gained support from pro-Israel lobbying groups. That was unsurprising for one simple reason: the same lobbying organizations heavily affected the plan’s substance. The proposal was ostensibly the responsibility of the European Commission, the EU’s executive.

African Union Leaders Are Being Urged By Human Rights Organizations To Immediately Revoke Israel’s Observer Status

According to three advocacy organizations, the African Union should revoke Israel’s observer status since the country’s human rights violations and crimes against humanity are in “fundamental opposition” to the union’s constitution. For over two decades, Israel attempted unsuccessfully to join the pan-African organization that examines problems affecting the whole continent, particularly as it sought to establish bilateral connections with African countries.

German Activists Unite In Support Of Pro-Palestine Journalist Nemi El-Hassan Smeared By A Right-Wing Witchhunt

Almost 400 journalists, academics, and cultural luminaries have signed an open letter in support of Nemi El-Hassan, a prize-winning German journalist and TV personality accused of antisemitism for her participation in a contentious pro-Palestine protest in 2014. The signatories to the petition, titled “Solidarity with Nemi El-Hassan,” allude to a right-wing effort to deplatform El-Hassan, 28, that began when the right-wing tabloid Bild published a photo of her participating in Quds Day, a rally commonly seen as antisemitic by some Germans.

Professor David Miller Of Bristol University Expelled Following A Slander Campaign By The Israel Lobby

The University of Bristol has fired a professor for his anti-Zionist views and resistance against the Israeli state and its formidable US and UK-backed global propaganda campaign. The institution announced in a statement on Friday that “Professor David Miller is no longer employed by the University of Bristol.” Miller “did not meet the standards of behavior we expect from our staff,” the university stated bluntly. The Electronic Intifada, an online news site, described Miller as a “leading UK critic of Israel and its lobby,” who had fallen victim to a years-long slander campaign by the Israeli lobby.