Exiled staffers from Russia’s venerable liberal daily Novaya Gazeta opened a new publication in Latvia on Friday. Shortly after the Russia-based news outlet headed by Nobel Peace Prize-winning journalist Dmitry Muratov shuttered owing to an increased assault on alternative news sources, the iconic publication’s inaugural European edition reaches the news shelves in the Latvian capital Riga.

The outlet’s European edition publisher, Rigas Vilni, described Novaya Gazeta Europe as “a publication formed by free Russian journalists who were compelled to relocate.” “It is their independent point of view on the events of the Ukrainian war and Russian developments,” it continued. Kirill Martynov, a longtime Muratov deputy, will lead Novaya Gazeta Europe, which will print in Russian and Latvian languages.

“When Russian propaganda declares May 9 to be its day (to commemorate the triumph over Nazi Germany in 1945), Novaya Gazeta will be on newsstands as a sign of the fact that they failed to shut us down,” Martynov stated on Latvian public radio. “I hope that copies of the newspaper, even if illegally, make their way into Russia,” he concluded.

The European print version, which will sell for about 1.29 euros on the retail shelves, will include pieces that were previously shared on the publication’s Telegram channel as well as other digital networking platforms. Novaya Gazeta isn’t the only Russian news outlet reporting from Latvia; Meduza, an independent Russian news portal, has been functioning in Riga, Latvia’s capital, from way back in 2014 to avoid Kremlin’s influence.

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