United States’ And Ukraine’s Pro-Nazi Position Exposed At The United Nations General Assembly After Becoming The Only Two Countries To Vote Against Resolution Condemning Nazism

Russia had recently co-sponsored a resolution denouncing Nazism, neo-Nazism, and all forms of bigotry at the United Nations General Assembly. The United States and Ukraine voted no, while about 49 nations, mostly US allies, abstained from voting. According to the Russian permanent mission to the United Nations, the resolution on “tackling celebration of Nazism, neo-Nazism, and other activities” that contribute to racism, xenophobia, and intolerance was accepted with 130 votes in favor on Thursday. In the past few years, Russia has put forward the proposal yearly, and the United States and Ukraine have regularly opposed it.

The Head Of Russia’s Intelligence Service Mocks Western Propagandists By Claiming That They Have Already Started Looking For A Replacement Of Navalny

According to the chief of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service, intelligence services in the West are aware that fascination around Russian opposition figurehead Alexey Navalny is waning, and they are already hunting for an alternative. Sergey Naryshkin, talking to the Moscow daily Argumenty I Fakty on Wednesday, said that Western powers were backing Navalny’s activities, but that their security agencies had given up on creating a huge opposition movement in Russia as a result of his detention.

Former Danish Minister Inger Stojberg, Who Was Backed By The Right-Wing Danish People’s Party, Sentenced To 60 Days In Jail For Separating Couples Seeking Asylum

Inger Stojberg, Denmark’s former immigration minister, was sentenced to 60 days in jail for her participation in splitting asylum-seeking couples in which one of the spouses was below the age of 18. In a statement, Denmark’s Court of Impeachment of the Realm declared that Inger Stojberg was found guilty of a purposeful breach of the Ministerial Responsibility Act. Stojberg’s acts were judged to be “illegal” since no exceptions were made and specific instances were not taken into account. Asylum-seeking couples in Denmark must be assessed separately under Danish law. Her actions were said to be in violation of the European Convention on Human Rights.

As A British Court Rules That Julian Assange, The Publisher Of Wikileaks, Could Be Extradited To The United States, Rights Organizations Warn That It Represents A Serious Danger To International Press Freedoms

A British court determined on Friday that Julian Assange, the creator and publisher of WikiLeaks, could be extradited to the United States to stand trial on the charges of breaching the Espionage Act, a verdict that rights organizations warn puts international press freedoms at grave risk. In reaction to the verdict, Rebecca Vincent, head of international campaigns at Reporters Without Borders, stated: “This is an utterly disgusting development that has worrying repercussions not just for Assange’s mental health, but also for journalism and press freedom throughout the globe.”

Olaf Scholz, A Social Democrat, Officially Elected Chancellor Of Germany By MPs As Part Of A Three-Party Coalition Government, Ending 16 Years Of Conservative Rule

Angela Merkel’s 16-year stint as chancellor of Germany came to an end with the election of Social Democrat Olaf Scholz. On Wednesday, MPs formally approved the former minister of finance in Merkel’s last cabinet. In all, 395 people voted for the new chancellor. Scholz required 369 legislators – an overall majority – out of 736 Bundestag members to become the new chancellor. In Germany’s Lower House, his three-party governing coalition has about 416 MPs. After 16 years of continuous control by Merkel’s conservative coalition, which was allied with the Social Democrats or the Free Democrats throughout her four terms as chancellor, his victory signals a momentous shift in Germany’s political atmosphere.

A Man Suspected Of Being A Member Of The Hit Squad That Murdered Prominent Saudi Critic Jamal Khashoggi Has Been Arrested In France, Marking A Major Development In The Case

As one of the Saudi suspects in the 2018 assassination of Washington Post writer Jamal Khashoggi was being placed in judicial detention in France, a former senior UN human rights official voiced confidence that the arrest of one of the suspects would “be a huge milestone in the battle for justice.” Khalid Aedh al-Otaibi, a former member of Saudi Arabia’s Royal Guard who was named as a suspect in the murder in a United Nations investigation, was allegedly apprehended as he was about to board a flight to Riyadh at Charles de Gaulle Airport.

China Hits Back At The United States Over Beijing Olympics Boycott, Says It Is Political Manipulation And That Americans Weren’t Even Invited In The First Place

China has hit back at the United States shortly after it had announced a diplomatic boycott of the next Winter Olympics, claiming that American leaders were never invited to the games in the first place and calling the decision blatant “political manipulation.” When asked about the boycott revealed by the Biden govt on Monday, Liu Pengyu, a spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in the United States, said to Reuters that the move went against the “spirit” of the Olympics, but that it would have no detrimental impact on the games, which are scheduled to take place in China in February. “Such an absurd move is nothing more than a political ruse and a flagrant violation of the Olympic Charter’s spirit. In reality, it makes no difference whether these individuals arrive or not, and it has no bearing on the success of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics,” he explained.

Ahead Of The So-Called Democracy Summit This Week, China Releases A “Democracy White Paper” Stating That Its Political Structure Is Much More Democratic Than The US

On Saturday, China released the study ‘China: Democracy That Works,’ which outlines its “whole-process democracy” and argues that its structure of government is much more democratic than the US. The research exposes the abuses and flaws in US democracy ahead of this week’s US-initiated “democracy summit,” which Beijing regards as an attempt by Washington to escalate the new cold war by falsely presenting China as something of an authoritarian regime.

Police Authorities In Finland Detain Five Men For Planning Major Attacks In What Is Believed To Be The First Episode Of Far-Right Terrorism In The Country

In what the Finnish police think is the nation’s first episode of far-right terrorism, five men have been arrested for reportedly planning major gun and bomb assaults. The members of the organization, which operated in the southern village of Kankaanpää, were apprehended on Tuesday after two years of monitoring. The court determined on Friday that they should be held in jail. According to the police, the suspects are “about 25” years old and have a history of criminal activity. During the operation in which they were apprehended, weapons, ammunition, and fertilizer – which may be used to build bombs – were confiscated.

China’s Government Slams The Chief Of Britain’s Notorious MI6 Intelligence Agency For Brazenly Spreading False And Defamatory Comments About The East Asian Country

After MI6 chief Richard Moore said that China exploits impoverished nations with “debt” and “data” schemes, the Chinese embassy in London countered, denouncing Moore for “peddling bogus news.” The Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom issued a statement on Tuesday dismissing accusations that Beijing intentionally aims to ensnare weaker countries in “debt traps” and steals critical intelligence from them. The embassy stated that the MI6 chief, Richard Moore, was brazenly “peddling fake news and false intelligence” against China when he made the remarks.

Sebastian Kurz, Austria’s Former Right-Wing Chancellor, Announces His Retirement From Politics In The Wake Of Several Corruption Investigations Into His Conservative People’s Party

Sebastian Kurz, Austria’s right-wing chancellor from 2017 to 2019, and then again from 2020 through this autumn, has announced his resignation from the world of politics. Sebastian Kurz is the Austrian People’s Party’s chairman and parliamentary leader at the moment. On October 9, he announced his decision to resign as chancellor over an active corruption probe, bringing a rather unexpected end to his second term in office, which began in January 2020 following a coalition agreement between the conservative People’s Party and the Green Party.

Leftist Candidate Xiomara Castro Wins The Presidential Election In Honduras In A Landslide, Putting An End To The Conservative’s Rule For The First Time In 12 Years

Xiomara Castro, a prominent leftist opposition leader, has declared victory in Honduras’ presidential election, with preliminary results putting her ahead of the governing right-wing party’s nominee. With nearly 53 percent of the votes cast, the Liberty and Refundation Party (LIBRE) candidate is in the lead with 38 percent of the vote counted. According to the National Electoral Council, her major opponent, Nasry Asfura of the incumbent conservative National Party (CNE), presently has roughly 34% of the vote. If Castro maintains her advantage, she will become the Central American country’s very first female president, putting an end to the conservative party’s 12-year reign.