Saturday’s slaughter in Buffalo, New York, was branded as terrorism and racist hate crime by President Joe Biden on May 15. The deadly incident resulted in the deaths of ten individuals and the injuries of three more. As per officials, 11 of the 13 victims at the Tops store were black. The shooter, Payton Gendron, 18, was apprehended on the scene while donning a ballistic vest, helmet, and military-like gear. He had engraved neo-Nazi and racist remarks on the weapon he utilized.

On the famous live broadcasting site Twitch, video from a camera installed on the killer’s headgear was aired instantaneously. Gendron was born in New York State, however, grew up more than 450 kilometers away from Buffalo. The shooting area was chosen in terms of demographic numbers, with the fanatic believing he had discovered the location with the biggest concentration of black individuals inside of a reasonable range. A 180-page manifesto claiming to be Gendron’s started circulating in a wide variety of internet communities approximately the exact period as the announcement of the massacre.

It’s doubtful that the document was written by others because the manifesto mentions Gendron and coincides in certain precision with details concerning the real massacre that was only discovered afterward. Filter Nyheter, a Norway-based online newspaper with a focus on right-wing extremism, has analyzed Gendron’s manifesto, which makes quite consistent references to the Christchurch neo-Nazi terrorist Brenton Tarrant, as well as the fact that a lot of Tarrant’s writings are reprinted verbatim with minimal alterations.

There seems to be a lengthy, racist ideological rationale for why most black Americans are members of a “replacement” of the white people and thus must be exterminated in the portions that look to be authored or produced by Gendron personally. This is accompanied by pseudo-scientific “proof” that blacks are less clever and have substandard qualities when compared to whites. This conspiracy is known as “the great replacement” and is popular among right-wing radical groups across the globe. The unhinged manifesto of Gendron also calls for the murder of Jews and contains anti-Semitic conspiracies including images/memes.

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