Hundreds Of Thousands Of Chileans Take To The Streets To Celebrate The Victory Of Socialist Gabriel Boric As The Country’s Youngest-Ever President With The Highest Number Of Votes In History

Chileans elected left-wing politician Gabriel Boric, the country’s youngest president, with the most votes of any president in the country’s history. Hundreds of thousands flocked to the streets of Santiago to cheer the 35-year-old, who gained fame as a leader of the massive anti-neoliberal rallies that rocked Chile starting in 2019, after he was pronounced the clear victor of a suspenseful run-off against far-right contender Jose Antonio Kast. As the nominee of Apruebo Dignidad (Approve Dignity), a coalition of left-wing parties such as the Communist Party of Chile, the Commons, Democratic Revolution, Social Convergence, and others, Boric received 56 percent of the vote.

With almost 55% of eligible voters casting ballots, it was the largest turnout since voting became optional in 2012. He began his speech by leaping onto a barricade to address the people, proclaiming that a new generation of Chileans “demand our rights to be acknowledged as rights and not to be treated like consumer goods or a business.” “We know there is justice for the affluent and justice for the poor and we will no longer allow the poor to pay the price for Chile’s inequity,” he added. He promised to “protect democracy every day of our government’s existence. A democracy in which local communities and residents take the lead.”

Boric is devoted to destroying the neoliberal economic institutions forced on Chile by General Augusto Pinochet’s murderous US-supported coup in 1973, which toppled Chile’s last elected socialist administration and transformed the nation into a lab rat for Chicago School free-market policies. He stated that he will create a complete “public and not-for-profit social security system,” which will include historic measures such as the abolition of the AFPs, which are joint-stock firms that administer pension funds and are the foundation of Pinochet’s privatized pensions system. He also promised to move forward with a new constitution, which will be supported by a vote in 2020. As the results were revealed, Chile’s Communist Party wrote on Twitter: “We win, we continue, and it will be lovely.”

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