Dozens of human rights campaigners and young Filipinos protested right outside of the Philippines’ electoral commission on Tuesday to dismiss an unofficial total suggesting that the deceased brutal dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ son may be the nation’s new leader. At the age of about 28, a chopper evacuated Ferdinand Marcos Jr and his family from the Philippine presidential palace as masses of demonstrators sought his tyrant father’s departure in a momentous “people power” uprising.

Now, a little more than 36 years down the line, the son is enjoying a resounding win in a presidential race, an incredible turnaround for a family formerly renowned for severe human rights violations, and the theft of an astounding $10 billion. As per an unofficial electoral authority calculation, Marcos received twice as many votes as his closest challenger in Monday’s poll. The outcome, dissimilar to the last election conducted under his dad’s military regime, was mostly regarded as legal, leaving several of the initial “People Power” activists disappointed and perplexed.

Scores of critics of Marcos senior were persecuted throughout the military rule from 1972 to 1981, and the Marcos family dynasty became associated with looting, corruption, and a lavish lifestyle, with vast sums of public money missing. The Marcos family hasn’t ever regretted their actions, nor have they returned most of the money they are suspected of looting from the government. Karapatan, a human rights organization, urged Filipinos to oppose the incoming Marcos administration, something which it claimed was founded on falsehoods and propaganda “to sanitize the Marcos family’s disgusting image.”

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