Human Rights Watch (HRW) asserts that Russian soldiers perpetrated atrocities that can only be termed war crimes in northeastern Ukraine by killing and abusing innocent civilians. The NGO recorded 22 reported arbitrary murders by Russian soldiers in portions of Kyiv and Chernihiv throughout February and March, according to a damning new report titled “Ukraine: Executions, Torture During Russian Occupation.” This report continues HRW’s previous exploration into ten alleged killings by Kremlin soldiers in the Kyiv neighborhood of Bucha, as well as other surrounding areas.

“The multiple crimes committed by Russian soldiers seizing sections of northeastern Ukraine early in the war are abhorrent, illegal, and cruel,” HRW’s associate Europe and Central Asia director Giorgi Gogia stated. “These atrocities against civilians are clear war crimes that should be investigated and prosecuted as soon as possible,” he continued. HRW’s latest investigation details nine further unlawful executions, six suspected coercive kidnappings, and seven incidents of torturing, in addition to scores more murders. From April 10 to May 10, researchers visited 17 Ukrainian neighborhoods and conducted talks with 65 individuals.

Notwithstanding overwhelming proof of Russian atrocities, the Kremlin refuses to acknowledge that Russian forces have murdered Ukrainian civilians. HRW further lambasted Russian troops for assaulting captives by hitting them, shocking them with electricity, and holding fake killings. Scores of innocent individuals were held in terrible circumstances in cellars, with about ten elderly folks dying inside a cellar in Yahidne, a village located in the Chernihiv region, as per the report in question. On the very day that the leading human rights watchdog’s bombshell report on Russian abuses was released, a 21-year-old Russian soldier pleaded guilty to war crimes charges in a trial in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

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