According to the local press, officials in Germany discovered around 262 potential instances of right-wing radicalism inside its military services in 2021. As per Die Welt, the German Defense Ministry disclosed the numbers on May 3 in answer to a parliamentary query from the opposing Left Party (Die Linke).

Officials examined situations in which soldiers gave the Nazi salute, used Nazi chants, listened to far-right music, and displayed discriminatory conduct, particularly targeting soldiers from other countries. As per Die Welt’s story, 75 personnel were discharged from the army in 2021 owing to incidences of racism, radicalism, and anti-Semitism.

German officials have frequently been chastised for weak military control, an apparent climate of acceptance for right-wing radicals, and a tendency to minimize bigotry and racial bias. These latest attempts by the German armed forces to combat the rise of right-wing radicalism within its ranks correlate with an increase in incidents of far-right terrorist attacks in the nation in recent times, powered by the rabid right-wing rhetoric.

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