The Socialist Party of France, The Greens, The Communist Party, and Jean-Luc Melenchon’s La France Insoumise (France Unbowed) have struck a rather unprecedented arrangement to create a historic electoral collaboration in France. The French left might show its strongest cohesion in recent years as it aims to gain a majority in the National Assembly and appoint Melenchon, who finished third during the last presidential race, as the country’s prime minister.

“After days of arduous discussions, we want to have legislators in a majority of constituencies to prevent Emmanuel Macron from continuing his unjust and ruthless agenda and defeat the far-right,” the Socialists and LFI wrote in a joint communiqué. The agreement was forged under the supervision of LFI’s passionate founder, Jean-Luc Melenchon, who did significantly superior to the Socialist Party (PS) in the recent presidential race.

Melenchon left the Socialist Party back in 2008 when the party failed to moderate its pro-European Union attitude, and this was evident in Wednesday’s agreement, wherein the PS promised to “defy” or at the absolute minimum “temporarily diverge” from EU laws on a variety of financial, societal, and fiscal issues. Both political organizations want the EU to be more concerned with social rights and environmental preservation, according to the agreement, which still has to be confirmed by the Socialist Party’s national committee in a gathering on Thursday.

Macron was re-elected president the previous week, however, he would still need a parliamentary majority to implement his pro-business proposals, which include increasing the retirement age to 65. Melenchon’s accomplishment in negotiating a pact with a party that has long been the authoritative power on the left will signify a defining moment if validated by the Socialists on Thursday. Following World War II, the Socialist Party provided the country with two presidents and has been a guiding factor for European unification.

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