Upon Ukraine’s well-deserved victory at the Eurovision Song Contest, ultra-nationalist Russian correspondent Yuliya Vityazeva rushed to her Telegram channel with an odd and furious message. Kalush Orchestra, a Ukrainian rap as well as folk group, secured victory at the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday (May 14), as the band’s members showed support for their homeland, which has now been ravaged by the Russian invasion. “Thank you for supporting Ukraine. This triumph belongs to all Ukrainians,” the Kalush Orchestra declared after accepting the Eurovision trophy.

Pro-Kremlin lawmakers as well as popular personalities in Russia, on the other hand, were disappointed by Ukraine’s achievement. In a deranged Telegram post after the war-torn nation’s victory, Vityazeva proposed that the competition be “blown up” with “a Satan missile.” Dr. Ian Garner, a self-proclaimed observer of Russian disinformation, highlighted her venomous remarks, saying that the Russian state media is “having an utter A+ toddler breakdown” regarding Eurovision.

Amidst a slew of unfounded accusations from Russian nationalists of Eurovision being rigged in Ukraine’s interest, Garner also revealed that there is a pro-Putin hacking outfit “threatening to digitally assault the event and block transmission and/or voting.” Russia fired a volley of missiles on Ukraine’s western regions quickly afterward the win, hitting facilities around Lviv and Mariupol. On Twitter, Ukrainian journalist Olga Tokariuk claimed the assaults were probably the consequence of Russia’s inability to bear “Ukraine’s progress and successes.”

Ukraine received 631 points, with a majority of its votes coming from the public via televoting. Sam Ryder of the United Kingdom finished second with 466 points, reaching the finest spot on the scoreboard for the United Kingdom in more than two decades. Notwithstanding the current war with Russia, which has so far resulted in approximately 21,000 deaths of civilians, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has promised that the nation will host the Eurovision event in 2023.

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