Denmark’s infamous neo-Nazi political group Stram Kurs (Hard Line) is once more in the limelight for denigrating Islamic culture and Muslims, with the group’s anti-Islam propaganda causing indignation and dissatisfaction amongst Sweden’s Muslim minority. Just a few days back, the party’s head, Rasmus Paludan, burnt copies of the Quran amidst demonstrations over the group’s bigoted actions. Paludan set fire to a Quran copy in an open space in Linkoping, a predominantly Muslim town in southern Sweden. Demonstrations against the action have emerged in various locations across Sweden, in response to the party’s flagrant Islamophobic moves.

According to The Guardian, the far-right Hard Line party provoked rioting and demonstrations on Saturday upon announcing intentions to “burn a Quran, among several other things.” Following the “relocation” of a demonstration intended for Landskrona, Sweden’s police confirmed stone-throwing and accused youngsters of lighting vehicles and tires on fire. As per the news reports by the local media, no casualties were recorded on Saturday, however, the atmosphere stayed hostile. Demonstrators were also enraged by the absence of police action in stopping these anti-Islamic attacks.

The scorching of the Quran by Paludan sparked aggressive fights involving protestors and supporters of Hard Line’s Islamophobic stance the whole week. Numerous groups and nations have denounced the Danish party’s anti-Islamic behavior in Sweden. This isn’t the only occasion Hard Line and its head, Paludan, have been accused of defaming Islam and disrespecting its holy emblems. Upon destroying a copy of the Quran and promising more racist acts back in September 2020, the party prompted outrage amongst Sweden’s Muslim population.

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