The London Policing College (LPC) formed connections with about eight Chinese academies, out of which a few have links to police enforcement in Xinjiang, a place where Muslims have endured horrific abuse, according to a fresh investigation. LPC is a privately-owned UK firm that offers worldwide law enforcement teaching and obtains part of its funding from UK taxpayers. The Chinese People’s Public Security University of China (PPSUC), the nation’s prestigious policing academy, was one of the establishments featured in the investigation in question, prepared and published by the watchdog organization Freedom From Torture. According to the investigation, PPSUC puts a major emphasis on counter-terrorism teaching and takes a huge part of its inspiration from the British government’s notorious Prevent program.

The PPSUC collaborates on teaching with the Xinjiang Police College and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps’ Public Security Bureau, both of which were penalized by the US in 2020 for their participation in human rights abuses. In 2021, the UK government penalized the latter as well. The LPC’s relationship with the PPSUC seemed to be “at risk of being utilized by China to provide legitimacy to “counter-terrorism” practices that have seen Muslims in Xinjiang deported to cruel detention centers for grounds as ludicrous as growing a beard,” according to Freedom From Torture.

The investigation, dubbed “Dangerous Liaisons: UK partnerships with Chinese policing institutions linked to crimes against humanity in Xinjiang,” discovered that the LPC, which seems to have strong links to the British law enforcement, obtained UK Overseas Development Assistance financing through the British Council China for its collaborations with Shanghai Police College and Hunan Police Academy. The Hunan Police Academy professes a cooperation connection with the Xinjiang Police College, which was penalized by the United States in 2019 for its participation in abuses of human rights, and its webpage provides proof of teaching interactions involving the two establishments.

Upwards of one million Uyghurs as well as other Muslim ethnicities have been detained by the Chinese regime in Xinjiang, where they have been subjected to atrocities that many have dubbed “genocide.” China disputes the charges of human rights violations. The rights organization additionally highlighted that the LPC was funded by UK taxpayers around the same period that the British government was condemning China’s activities in Xinjiang.

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