China Hits Back At The Five Eyes Nations For Criticizing Hong Kong’s Recent Democratic Elections, Claiming That The West Is Utilizing ‘Democracy’ As An Excuse To Interfere In Its Domestic Matters

Beijing has responded to the Five Eyes nations, the EU, and the G7’s complaints about the recent democratic elections in Hong Kong. It claims that the West is interfering in its domestic matters under the guise of “democracy.” Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry, delivered the stinging reaction on Monday. In response to claims that Beijing’s overhaul in March eroded Hong Kong’s democratic election process, the spokesperson said the West didn’t give a damn about democracy in China’s special administrative region, but was instead using it as a convenient excuse to “interfere in Hong Kong’s politics and China’s internal affairs.”

Zhao urged people opposing the Hong Kong elections to “first look in the mirror,” claiming that they were not exactly the “top students in the democracy classroom” and “certainly not qualified to be instructors.” He finished by telling China’s detractors to “take care of their own home first,” citing “failures in the battle against Covid, political divisiveness, [and] racial prejudice” as examples. The Five Eyes nations – Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States – have claimed that democracy in Hong Kong is somehow being “undermined,” according to a top official in the Chinese government’s representative office in Hong Kong. The complaint, he said, was a “political farce,” and that “the days of foreign forces using their political operatives to intervene in Hong Kong matters are finished.”

On Tuesday, Hong Kong officials had released a statement dismissing recent Western charges as unfounded and hailing the territory’s general election as a “success.” The Chinese embassy in Australia had also issued a statement, claiming that the election process was “fair, equal, and open,” and that “Hong Kong is China’s Hong Kong.” Pro-Beijing candidates won with a landslide, with over 90% of the seats in the local legislature going to pro-Beijing politicians. But, voter turnout was poor, with just 30.2 percent of eligible voters turning out to vote. In March, China overhauled Hong Kong’s voting system, introducing, among several other measures, a screening mechanism and allowing only “patriots” to run for public office.

Foreign ministers from the Five Eyes group of countries condemned China’s influence on Hong Kong’s election system on Monday, saying it had “eliminated any real political opposition.” The EU and the G7 nations added their voices to the clamor, urging China to cease its “unjustified mistreatment of people who advocate democratic ideals and the preservation of rights and freedoms.” Hong Kong was a British colony until 1997, when it was returned to China on the understanding that it keep its sovereignty and some liberties till 2050.

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