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China Has Urged The United States To Stop Its Backing For Separatist Groups In Chinese Taipei

China has demanded that the US remove its backing for anti-Beijing separatist elements in Chinese Taipei. Hua Chunying, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, made the request on Monday in response to a US State Department statement accusing China of “provocative military activity” by flying dozens of fighter planes in an air power display near Chinese Taipei. Hua stated that the self-ruled island belongs to China and that the US is not in a position to make reckless statements that contradict the “One China” policy.

As per the spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Washington has been making negative moves for quite some time by selling arms to Taipei and strengthening official and military ties with the island, including the launch of a 750-million-dollar arms sale plan and frequent sailing of American warships across the Taiwan Strait. According to Hua, China strongly opposes such aggressive actions since they weaken China-US ties and threaten regional peace and stability.

Hua emphasized that the “One China” concept is the fundamental cornerstone of China-US ties, and that China will take all necessary steps to decisively defeat all attempts to promote Taipei’s independence, as well as to protect its national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Hua, referring to Chinese Taipei, stated that “Taiwan independence” leads nowhere. “The United States should correct its mistakes, sincerely adhere to the one-China principle, and properly handle Taiwan-related issues,” the Chinese official added. “The United States should stop supporting and emboldening separatist forces of ‘Taiwan independence,’ and take concrete actions to safeguard rather than undermine peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.”

China holds sovereignty over Chinese Taipei, and virtually all global nations acknowledge that sovereignty under the “One China” policy. Beijing also opposes other nations establishing connections with the self-ruled island and has often warned Washington against dealing with Chinese Taipei. China has previously stated that its military drills near Chinese Taipei constitute a “solemn warning” to the self-ruled island’s separatist groups and their international supporters, notably the United States.

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