As per a specialist on security concerns with regard to Russia, elite Russian intelligence authorities believe the conflict in Ukraine is “lost,” implying that Vladimir Putin’s government may be nearing its conclusion. According to Metro UK, Bellingcat’s top Russia researcher Christo Grozev recently claimed in a conversation with Radio Liberty that the intelligence services’ “informed elite” “know that the fight is lost.”

According to Grozev, the Russian leader would require complete mobilization to get a possibility of victory in this conflict, however, this will give him troubles domestically. As per Metro UK, Grozev stated that widespread mobilization will result in a “social explosion” in Russia. Some in Putin’s close sanctum might urge him to deploy nuclear or chemical weaponry, though more will declare “enough is enough,” says Grozev. Most of these individuals will probably say that “it is preferable not to squander another 10,000 lives of our soldiers and commanders,” Grozev added.

Scores of Russian personnel are believed to have been killed amid the nation’s savage onslaught on Ukraine, while precise figures are unclear. The Russian military has lost about a third of its personnel, as per the UK defense ministry. As the battle in Ukraine drags out, Western experts think Russia is running out of steam due to its military failures.

Security officers working for the FSB, most of whom realize exactly how many Russian troops have perished, believe Putin’s grasp on power is weakening, according to Grozev. “These are the portions of the security forces that are aware of the regime’s vulnerabilities and are now preparing their own future,” he claimed. As per Grozev, a handful of FSB and GRU personnel are getting ready for a post-Putin Russia. “Some of them are seeking a way out of Russia with their families,” Grozev continued.

Ukraine’s military intelligence head warned in an interview with Sky News the previous week that a coup to depose Putin is currently in the works. Major General Kyrylo Budanov stated: “It is impossible to stop it.” A faltering economy, military losses, and low motivation are among the concerns that frequently fuel a revolution against a tyrant. Putin, on the other hand, has devoted years to creating an autocratic system resistant to revolts, according to a Business Insider report.

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