Following a groundswell of momentum for its politicians calling for greater effort towards fighting climate change, Australia’s Labor Party is set to break years of control by the center-right Liberal Party. Scott Morrison, Australia’s incumbent prime minister, has accepted his loss in the nation’s federal election, and leader of the opposition Anthony Albanese will be ushered in as prime minister now as his party has won its first election since 2007. However, with millions of ballots still pending, Albanese’s new administration may wind up being a minority one, with Greens as well as independents controlling the equation of authority.

The big mainstream parties have lost momentum to minor opponents, perhaps leaving Labor with a lack of sufficient seats to form a majority and resulting in a fragmented government. Because of the Greens’ good performance and a handful of “teal independents” who ran on values of honesty, fairness, and combating climate change, the next parliament will be far less climate-skeptic from the current one that backed Morrison’s pro-coal mining government. He had promised to strive to allow coal mines to operate for as much as feasible, turning a blind eye to the phase-out of harmful fossil fuels.

Experts criticized Morrison’s administration for being “wilfully careless whenever it pertains to climate” and neglecting to conserve biodiversity following the deadly wildfires of 2019. Labor has proposed a strategy to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 43% by 2050. Back in 2019, huge flames destroyed 3,000 houses and killed or relocated 3 billion wildlife, propelling the threat of climate change to the top of the electoral platform.

As Australia struggles to deal with the greatest inflation since 2001 and skyrocketing property costs, Labour has pledged consumers greater monetary aid and minimum wages. In reaction to China’s prospective armed deployment in the adjacent Solomon Islands, the party proposes the establishment of a Pacific Defense Academy to educate the surrounding armed forces.

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