Anti-War Activists Express Outrage As War Criminal Tony Blair Granted Knighthood With The Highest Possible Ranking In The New Year Honors List Instead Of Being Jailed For Involvement In The US-Led Iraq Invasion

Despite his notorious role in inhumane war crimes during the US-led Iraq war, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is poised to get the highest knighthood from Queen Elizabeth. “It is an enormous pleasure to be named Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, and I am very grateful to Her Majesty the Queen,” Blair, the former leader of the Labor Party, said in response to the award disclosed by Buckingham Palace on Friday. The news was made public amid widespread public opinion in the United Kingdom that Blair should seriously be prosecuted instead of being knighted for his well-documented military participation in the cruel attack on Iraq that began in 2003.

While anti-war campaigners have accused the former prime minister of brutal atrocities during the US-led illegal invasion of Iraq and asked for his criminal prosecution by an international court, British environmentalist George Aylett strongly thinks putting a mass murderer on the New Year’s Honors list is an absolute mockery. Blair, according to former MP George Galloway, is a war criminal, liar, and fraud who is now “taking the biscuit.” Tonia Buxton, a London-based news anchor for GB News, has also highlighted her displeasure with the knighthood of a man who is responsible for the deaths of far too many individuals.

The title of “Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter,” described as the oldest and most prestigious British Order of Chivalry, has been conferred on prior British prime leaders on a routine basis, with John Major, Blair’s immediate predecessor, being the most recent to earn it. After retiring from politics, the former lawyer became a Middle East ambassador, with intimate contacts to a number of dictatorial leaders throughout the Arab region, and then founded his own non-profit organization, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.

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