A New Poll Reveals That The Majority Of UK Voters Are Concerned That The Conservatives’ Increasing Privatization Of The Healthcare Sector Would Seriously Harm The NHS

According to a new poll, voters in the United Kingdom are concerned that the Conservatives’ increasing privatization of the healthcare industry would result in the NHS’s quality deteriorating and hospitals losing money. As per a recent Open Democracy poll, almost three-quarters of British citizens would be worried if the amount of NHS healthcare delivered by private corporations increased.

Three-quarters of those questioned believe that increasing the NHS’s use of private enterprises will result in scrimping on quality (76%), the employment of less-skilled workers (74%), and healthcare systems becoming more disconnected or scattered (77%). The results came as the Tory government’s contentious Health and Care Bill returns to the House of Commons on November 23 for a final vote before moving on to the House of Lords. The bill has been criticized by Labour legislators and NHS activists for making it much simpler for private corporations to take over more NHS work by deregulating the contracting procedure under the guise of localized, post-EU “flexibility.”

The survey, conducted by SavantaComRes and financed by Open Democracy’s readership, indicated that nearly eight out of ten (76%) British adults are worried about the basic premise of healthcare being operated for profit in the country, with half (50%) stating they are “extremely concerned.” Concerns regarding the result of NHS privatization span the political scale, with 81% of Conservative voters and 88% of Labour supporters anxious that an increase in the employment of private corporations will result in healthcare being more disconnected and scattered.

According to new data, the amount of money moving out of the NHS to non-NHS firms has grown dramatically since the passing of the Health and Social Care Act in 2012, rising from £8.4 billion in 2010 to £14.4 billion last year. £9.7 billion of the £14.4 billion was granted to private businesses for tasks such as scheduled procedures and diagnostics. The current Tory administration led by Boris Johnson has portrayed the new legislation as rectifying parts of the controversial 2012 changes’ marketization. But, in the fine print, it admits that it isn’t intended to put an end to outsourcing.

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