A New Documentary From A Danish Radio Station Reveals That The CIA Supported Gruesome Schizophrenia Experiments On Hundreds Of Orphaned Scandinavian Children

As shown in a recently published documentary, the CIA reportedly supported covert schizophrenic tests on 311 Scandinavian children, many of whom were adopted as well as from orphanages, in the early 1960s. The documentary ‘The Search for Myself’ on Danish Radio exposes the US espionage agency of funding the procedures at Cophenhagen Municipal Hospital. According to reports, the experiments looked into the relationship between schizophrenia and inheritance or the environment.

According to Per Wennick, who says he was a young subject in the trials, he was compelled to sit in a chair with electrodes tied to him and listen to loud, screeching sounds. The exam was designed to determine whether a youngster has psychopathic characteristics. “It was an extremely unpleasant experience. And it’s not just my experience; it’s the tale of many children,” Wennick said of his ordeal. As per Wennick and the National Archives, the research was co-financed by a US health agency and supported by the Human Ecology Fund, which is run on behalf of the CIA.

While the kids were not informed what the trials were for before, throughout, or even after the research, Danish psychiatrist Find Schulsinger wrote a dissertation outlining the study back in 1977. According to Jacob Knage Rasmussen of the Danish Welfare Museum, this is the very first known instance of children in foster care being utilized for scientific reasons in the country. “I am not aware of any such initiatives in Denmark or Scandinavia. It’s shocking material that goes against the Nuremberg Code of 1947, which was enacted after World War II to provide some ethical guidelines for human experimentation,” Rasmussen explained.

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