Notorious Far-Right Organizations From The United States, Austria, United Kingdom, And Netherlands Are Brazenly Promoting Anti-Vaccine And Anti-Lockdown Propaganda In Uganda Amid Skyrocketing COVID Deaths

It has been exposed recently that US’ notorious far-right organizations, as well as authors and scientists from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Australia, are backing a propaganda campaign in Uganda propagating COVID-19 falsehoods. According to a combined effort by the Citizens and Open Democracy, the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) and the Brownstone Institute, a Texas-based conservative think tank, are some of the groups supporting Uganda’s ‘End Lockdown Now’ movement.

A New Global Survey Puts China At The Top Of The Most Trusted Governments Across The World As The United States Badly Stumbles Due To Its Disastrous Pandemic Response

According to a global poll, “autocracies” are becoming more trusted, while democratic trust is declining. The reported inadequate management of the Covid-19 outbreak in western “democracies” is one of the reasons mentioned. The Edelman Trust Barometer, a communications organization that has questioned thousands of individuals over two decades, said that its latest survey revealed a worrying loss of faith in supposedly “democratic” governments in research released this week. Between November 1 and 24, the organization polled over 36,000 people in 28 countries and discovered that German establishments were the largest losers, with a trust score of 46, down seven points from the past year.

US-Based Capitalist Media Outlets Launch A Vicious Propaganda Campaign Against Russia As America Is Revealed To Have Been Training Ukrainian Forces As Part Of An Armed Insurgency

As per ex-intelligence and national security officials, the CIA is training Ukrainian special forces and intelligence officers in anticipation of a possible violent rebellion as the US-based capitalist media outlets have launched quite a vicious propaganda campaign against Russia. According to the insiders, the classified operation is situated in an unknown location in the southern United States. It’s controlled by paramilitary groups from the CIA’s tactical section, which is a component of the agency’s special operations branch, and it might be essential if events on Ukraine’s eastern border escalate. “The US is training insurgents,” a former CIA official alleged, stressing that Ukrainians were instructed how to “murder Russians.”

Ex-British Minister Vindicates China By Revealing That The UK Government’s 2020 Ban On Huawei Had Nothing To Do With National Security But Because ‘Americans Told Them To Do So’

Beijing has characterized remarks made by a British ex-minister last month, which were recently uncovered by the press, as more indication that the UK government’s 2020 Huawei ban was not based on national security concerns. The “national security” argument was exploited as a simple excuse by Western governments when they put limitations on the internet company last year, according to Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin. As per the diplomat, the assault was prompted by America’s aim to stifle Chinese high-tech firms. His remarks were in response to allegations made by British ex-minister Vince Cable last month, which were just disclosed by the media.

Jeremy Corbyn Reportedly Thinking Of Upgrading His Peace And Justice Project Into A Political Party To Counter Labour In The Next General Election As The Party Turns Further To The Right

According to the Telegraph, former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is planning to turn his Peace & Justice Project Charity into a political party in order to run on the ballot during the next general election. Mr Corbyn is said to be considering the action after quietly realising that despite representing Labour in the Commons since 1983, he would not be reinstalled as a Labour MP. After correctly stating that claims of anti-Semitism inside the Labour Party were “dramatically inflated for political motives,” Mr Corbyn lost his seat as a Labour MP.

France’s Firebrand Leftist Politician Jean-Luc Melenchon Says The Country Must Leave Warmongering NATO To Avoid Being Part Of A New Cold War And Join Hands With Russia

The head of a French socialist party and presidential contender has urged for France to leave warmongering NATO, admitting that he sees Russia as an ally instead of an opponent for France. Throughout a lengthy interview with France Inter radio on Monday, Jean-Luc Melenchon, the head of the socialist La France Insoumise (France Unbowed) party, gave his thoughts on the future Cold War and France’s role in it. In an extensive series of tweets, Melenchon expanded on the comments he stated during the interview.

Anti-War Activists Express Outrage As War Criminal Tony Blair Granted Knighthood With The Highest Possible Ranking In The New Year Honors List Instead Of Being Jailed For Involvement In The US-Led Iraq Invasion

Despite his notorious role in inhumane war crimes during the US-led Iraq war, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is poised to get the highest knighthood from Queen Elizabeth. “It is an enormous pleasure to be named Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, and I am very grateful to Her Majesty the Queen,” Blair, the former leader of the Labor Party, said in response to the award disclosed by Buckingham Palace on Friday. The news was made public amid widespread public opinion in the United Kingdom that Blair should seriously be prosecuted instead of being knighted for his well-documented military participation in the cruel attack on Iraq that began in 2003.

Stand News Permanently Suspends All Of Its Operations As Hong Kong Police Successfully Cracks Down On Separatist Anti-Communist Propaganda Organizations Operating Under The Guise Of News Outlets

The digital news organization, Stand News, stated that it will halt all of its activities after the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) detained seven persons on charges of sedition and raided its headquarters in Kwun Tong on Wednesday. Authorities blocked HK$61 million ($7.82 million) of its funds. On the accusation of collaborating and disseminating many incendiary items, certain top officials and past top staff of the news site were arrested, including erstwhile editor-in-chief Chung Pui-Kuen and board member Denise Ho, who is also a famed separatist musician. Stand News wrote numerous inflammatory posts from July 2020 to November of 2021 with aim of inciting public loathing and animosity toward the legal system and the communist government, provoking Hong Kong citizens to counter the law and order, according to Steve Li Kwai-wah, senior superintendent of the HKPF’s domestic security branch, at a media conference on Wednesday afternoon. As per Li, the police searched various locations associated with Stand News with a judge’s order and seized a considerable number of goods including laptops, electronic devices, papers, and HK$500,000 in cash.

A New Documentary From A Danish Radio Station Reveals That The CIA Supported Gruesome Schizophrenia Experiments On Hundreds Of Orphaned Scandinavian Children

As shown in a recently published documentary, the CIA reportedly supported covert schizophrenic tests on 311 Scandinavian children, many of whom were adopted as well as from orphanages, in the early 1960s. The documentary ‘The Search for Myself’ on Danish Radio exposes the US espionage agency of funding the procedures at Cophenhagen Municipal Hospital. According to reports, the experiments looked into the relationship between schizophrenia and inheritance or the environment.

Former Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev Criticizes America For Creating A New Empire With NATO And Claims It Has Become Too ‘Arrogant’ After The Cold War Ended

Former Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev stated on Friday that after declaring victory in the Cold War, the Americans got overconfident and attempted to construct a new empire under the cover of NATO. In a recent interview with RIA Novosti, Gorbachev blasted Washington for getting overconfident following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, claiming that Washington became too enamored with “triumphalist emotion in the West.” “The United States grew too arrogant, self-assured, and conceited. They declared victory in the Cold War. We were bringing the globe together to avoid a conflict, a nuclear race. Instead, the ‘victors’ chose to create a new empire,” he explained.

China Hits Back At The Five Eyes Nations For Criticizing Hong Kong’s Recent Democratic Elections, Claiming That The West Is Utilizing ‘Democracy’ As An Excuse To Interfere In Its Domestic Matters

Beijing has responded to the Five Eyes nations, the EU, and the G7’s complaints about the recent democratic elections in Hong Kong. It claims that the West is interfering in its domestic matters under the guise of “democracy.” Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry, delivered the stinging reaction on Monday. In response to claims that Beijing’s overhaul in March eroded Hong Kong’s democratic election process, the spokesperson said the West didn’t give a damn about democracy in China’s special administrative region, but was instead using it as a convenient excuse to “interfere in Hong Kong’s politics and China’s internal affairs.”

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Chileans Take To The Streets To Celebrate The Victory Of Socialist Gabriel Boric As The Country’s Youngest-Ever President With The Highest Number Of Votes In History

Chileans elected left-wing politician Gabriel Boric, the country’s youngest president, with the most votes of any president in the country’s history. Hundreds of thousands flocked to the streets of Santiago to cheer the 35-year-old, who gained fame as a leader of the massive anti-neoliberal rallies that rocked Chile starting in 2019, after he was pronounced the clear victor of a suspenseful run-off against far-right contender Jose Antonio Kast. As the nominee of Apruebo Dignidad (Approve Dignity), a coalition of left-wing parties such as the Communist Party of Chile, the Commons, Democratic Revolution, Social Convergence, and others, Boric received 56 percent of the vote.